PolyOne subsidiary introduces new technology radiopaque and translucent catheters

NEU Specialty Engineered Materials LLC, a subsidiary of PolyOne Corporation, has launched the NEU View Radiopaque Translucent Solutions for catheters at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West. Catheters made using this patent-pending technology are optically translucent, and have superior contrast under X-ray (radiopaque) when compared with catheters made using radiopaque striping.

In addition, this unique technology increases production efficiency by eliminating the coextrusion process used to manufacture striped catheters, as well as reducing material usage and scrap rates.

NEU View Solutions can be used to produce catheters that are both fully radiopaque and translucent to the naked eye. Clinicians and patients will benefit from:

  • Visual confirmation of fluid flow to aid in clinician confidence
  • Detection of potentially harmful air bubbles to help in avoiding embolisms
  • Use of a single catheter for both intravenous and X-ray procedures, resulting in fewer needle sticks to improve patient comfort

NEU View formulations for cardiovascular and intravascular catheters are application-specific, incorporating medical-grade polymers, additives, color, and healthcare-centric manufacturing practices. They are available in certified USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compositions.


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