Tung Yu’s collaboration with Rep bears fruit

In 2004, Taiwanese rubber injection machine maker Tung Yu started a collaboration with French injection moulding machine maker Rep International, which has been manufacturing since 1948. The cooperation was based on the technology and sales channel cooperation to become the strong strategic alliance in the field.

To date, Tung Yu says the most satisfying success of this collaboration has been the creation of a win-win game for both companies. The innovation capabilities of Rep and Tung Yu as well as the two parties working with each other has resulted in the achievement of shared goals and to meet the demands of the markets instead of competing with each other.

The collaboration is based on mutual trust and innovation. Tung Yu and Rep International work in two ways: providing technical cooperation and trade market sharing. Technical cooperation works through developing new, short lead time, budget costing and dual- brand qualified machines, say the firms.

This year being the anniversary of the ten-year cooperation with Rep International, Tung Yu now sells machines in over 60 countries via 30 worldwide agents. Rep International has also been able to break through into markets like Japan, China, and Southeast Asian countries through the efforts of Tung Yu.


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