Cutting chamber with patented features

US strand pelletising systems maker Reduction Engineering Scheer has launched a new quick change cutting chamber for strand pelletiser machinery with what it says delivers easy and quick removal of the cutting chamber with minimum downtime.

The patent-pending quick change cutting chamber is unique because it features a gearbox that positively drives the upper and lower feed rolls and helps to maintain machine performance and dependability. It is designed specifically for continuous polymerisation systems that can’t be shut down. The quick change chamber lowers downtime and reduces capital expense by eliminating the need to purchase entirely new pelletising machinery, according to Tom Kernstock, product manager for Reduction Engineering Scheer.

“Our next-generation design was developed in response to customer demand and is differentiated in the market by our unique gearbox which ensures high performance and durability,” explained Kernstock.

The quick change system features quick couplings which detach all connections between the stationary structure and the cutting chamber. Other key elements include universal joints which connect the gearbox to the cutter and feed rolls, along with a quick tension belt release. All connections to the air lines, the gearbox, and the belt are easily removed, resulting in just 15 minutes of downtime.

The new quick change cutting chamber is targeted for larger production strand pelletisers. It is commercially available and sold as an option.


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