Addivant’s first technical centre foray in China

US-headquartered speciality additives maker Addivant is setting up a Customer Formulation Centre in Shandong, China. The new facility will be the company’s first in China and will come on stream on August 1, 2014. The centre will be available for the latest in “form-giving technology” including the company’s proprietary non dust blends, NDB and equipment. The centre will complement the company’s existing ones in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

“The Addivant strategy is to deliver value to its customers through innovative additive solutions. These solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance application performance and improve health and safety in the work environment by eliminating dust in operations. To expand our leadership position, we are increasing our investment in the areas of R&D to deliver new chemistries and manufacturing: to build new formulation centres that are close to our customers allowing us to tailor our solutions and deliver them quickly and safely. The expansion into China makes tremendous sense given the region’s position in new polymer production and the fast growth of its downstream processing industries,” said Peter Smith, President/CEO of Addivant.

“The new operations in China will join our network of existing formulation centres and will be supported by our worldwide R&D facilities to ensure the very latest technologies are deployed. The facility will be further supported with an increase in our local technical organization who will work alongside our customers to execute on the Addivant mission of delivering solutions to breakthrough.” added Smith.

Addivant maintains its global headquarters in Connecticut, US, with regional headquarters in: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia; Basel, Switzerland and Shanghai, China. Addivant is an independent portfolio company of SK Capital.


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