ExxonMobil’s resins make tougher yet light paint pails

The paint pail manufacturing industry in India has come out with lighter weight products exhibiting more durability and improved appearance.

Manufacturers have been replacing traditional packaging materials, such as metal, with plastics with ExxonMobil’s impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins as preferred materials to improve the packaging integrity and appearance of pails, whilst reducing weight compared with metal pail.

One of the major manufacturers in India that’s using ICP PP resins is Daman-located R.K. Metal & Plastic Pvt Ltd .

“We changed to ExxonMobil ICP PP resins for injection moulded pails because of the leakage, transportation and aesthetic problems we experienced with metal pails. This included rust, dents and dust build-up. Using ICP PP resins has improved the impact strength and locking system of the pails. This has reduced damage and enhanced their appearance for greater shelf appeal,” said Pankaj Sheth, managing director, of R.K. Metal & Plastic.

He cited pails such as ones used for emulsion paints require resistance from high-drop impact as well as stacking strength, which the ICP PP resins are able to achieve.

Producing plastic paint pails with thinner walls improves the sustainability and overall performance of our company. It reduces raw material use and waste production, while allowing us to meet stringent OEM requirements for lightweight, strong solutions,” said Sheth.

The ICP PP resins are easy to process and the pail can be moulded into a tapered shape with lesser weight. The stacking and nesting capability of the pails during storage and transportation has been improved, reducing overall logistic costs.

The resins can also crack-proof the pails during drop in temperatures, said Sheth. “In northern India, temperatures during the cold season can be as low as 6-10 degrees C (43-50 degrees F). Pails manufactured from other suppliers’ resins sometimes cracked and failed at these temperatures due to inconsistent product quality. The ICP PP resins provide reliable product quality to meet the cold temperature requirements,” he explained.

ExxonMobil’s ICP PP resins for injection moulded pails include the PP7684KN ICP PP resin, which can provide reduced cycle times and productivity improvements. This is achieved through a combination of higher melt flow, faster crystallisation rates and easy mold release. It is also suitable for in-mold labeling injection moulded pails. This resin also has antistatic properties which help to reduce dust build up, improving mould release for enhanced product appearance.

The PP7032E3 and PP7033E3 ICP PP resins render outstanding impact strength to improve the toughness and durability of pails, whilst the PP7033N ICP PP resin is a nucleated resin for enhanced stiffness of the containers.


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