Keba runs second automation plant in Linz

Austrian company Keba Group expands into a larger facility to accommodate the increasing automat production, which has been shifted from the former Gewerbepark to the new location, Industriezeile.

An investment valued at EUR500,000 has been put into the Linz-based second facility, which has about 5,000 sq m to cover the manufacturing area of banking machines, e-vehicle charging stations and parcel automats.

The working area was brought up to the structural and technical standards required for modern manufacturing in just three months and if own activities are included,

Meanwhile, the 10,000 sq m Gewerbepark location will be dedicated to electronics production. This incorporates control and visualisation systems, as well as manual operating devices.

Both Gewerbepark and Industriezeile facilities employ a total of 270 production staff.


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