Cast film line offers pre-stretching; an industry first

At a recent open house held in Erkrath, Germany, Davis-Standard unveiled the industry’s first in-line cast pre-stretch technology – the Davis-Standard dsX s-tretch cast film line. Davis-Standard collaborated with Dow Europe to demonstrate the line along with newly developed Dow ELITE enhanced PE resins (EPE) and ELITE AT resins. Nearly 50 customers from Europe and Asia attended the event, which showcased 8-micron pre-stretch and 15-micron conventional films at speeds of 1000 m/minute and 750 m/minute on 50 mm cores with a winder cycle time of less than 25 seconds.

The dsX s-tretch is said to be the first cast film line of its kind, offering an alternative to pre-stretching techniques traditionally done off-line or on blown film lines. With this new technology, processors can produce thinner films at higher line speeds with improved physical properties and load retention. From a cost and environmental standpoint, processors benefit from consistently high quality pre-stretch film produced with efficiency and reduced waste via coreless winding.

The open house was very well received from the perspective of both equipment and raw materials,” said Steve Post, Davis-Standard Vice President, Cast Film. “Higher outputs, better energy efficiency and a faster return on investment are all priorities in a cost-cutting marketplace. That is what this line offers.”

The dsX s-tretch is designed with space-saving versatility at 2-m, 3-m, 4-m, and 4.5-m widths. The S³ winder winds hand and machine rolls up to 250 mm diameter on the 2-m and 3-m versions while winding hand, machine and jumbo rolls up to 400 mm diameter on the 4-m and 4.5-m versions. The line is equipped to support a wide range of resins from conventional LLD to metallocenes, propylenes and elastomers. Engineering advantages include lowboy extruders, DSB II feedscrews, a Cloeren feedblock, die and vacuum box, MDO stretching, bleedless guiding and 50mm thin core or coreless winding technology. The line is also pre-configured for availability within six months of order to acceptance.

Resins showcased by Dow included latest ELITE designed for the fabrication of high performance machine stretch and pre-oriented wrap films.


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