Plastindia moves back to Delhi; industry deals with challenges

In a roller coaster turn of events, the Indian Plastindia Foundation, an apex body of consisting of seven associations, has decided to retain Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, as the venue for the country's largest plastic trade show, Plastindia 2015, scheduled to be held from 5-10 February 2015. The event was to have been held in Gujarat, in a purpose built building, construction of which is underway at the moment. Announcements of the move to Gujarat were made by the then President of Plastindia, Bipin Shah (

But in a recent press conference, Subhash Kadakia, the newly appointed President of the foundation says, "We did explore the possibility of hosting at Gujarat. The local government was also very enthusiastic and we are indeed thankful to them for their effort. But the strong preference shown by our exhibitors, both domestic and foreign as well as our international partners, for retaining Pragati Maidan as the venue was the reason for this decision.”

The decision not to move the show to Gujarat was also because of the lack of proper infrastructure, including hotel accommodation, power and transportation. These doubts were also expressed by senior members of the foundation (

When PRA spoke to Kadakia, he said, “The Gujarat centre is not ready and may not be ready as expected. Foreign parties were also concerned about the grounds. Exhibitors want value, quality of visitors, adequate power, a good place, and they know the grounds at Pragati Maidan and hence raised their apprehensions on the new centre in Gujarat.”

Key Indian machinery companies like Mamata Machinery, Rajoo Engineers, Lohia and Kabra, are also receptive to this decision (to hold the next show in New Delhi), Kadakia said.

When asked if the centre in Gujarat (comprising 1.25 million sq m on the Helipad Grounds, near Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar) will still be built, he said, “Yes, and maybe it will still be considered as the venue for later Plastindia exhibitions.”

The decision to move from Delhi arose from the fact that Pragati Maidan is outdated and in need of an upgrade. But according to Kadakia, “The organisers at Pragati Maidan have assured us that we will not face the same problems in 2015. A series of meeting are regularly taking place with them to ensure that the required infrastructure will be provided. Furthermore, improvements to Pragati Maidan are also underway.”

Facing challenges

At the press conference held on 25 November at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the foundation also disclosed its concerns and solutions for the various issues that are affecting the industry.

Subhash Kadakia, who is also Managing Director of resin compounding firm Kadakia Plastics & Chemicals, said that manpower requirements and environmental issues are major hurdles facing the local plastics industry. To meet the lack of skilled manpower, the foundation is undertaking a 150 crore-project to set up a university in Vapi. “The Plastindia International University project will help the industry meet the growing demand for skilled manpower and qualified personnel requirements.”

Moreover, environmental issues are being addressed by educating the public about the advantages of using plastic packaging, for example. According to Kadakia, the foundation is educating some 600 farmers in Aurangabad on the use of plastic packaging and how it can prevent food wastage. He said, “Plastic is the most versatile product. Waste plastic packaging can be managed by proper segregation and recycling. Recycled plastic can be used to make roads, which are much more strong and durable.” He added that many people were unaware that plastic is environment-friendly. “The CO2 emissions are actually what gives rise to environmental concerns,” according to Kadakia.

Meanwhile, Kadakia also explained that among the foundation’s main jobs is “to see that the industry reaps benefits, both domestically and globally”. He added, “On the export front, we do our best to exhaust options that will further boost the industry. The Indian government wants India to stay ahead in its plastic exports.”

One way of doing this is to participate at foreign shows. At the K exhibition in Germany in October, there were around 145 Indian exhibitors that occupied an estimated 5,200 sq m of space, he said.

Sneak peek to the next show

At the next Plastindia 2015, Kadakia says that the foundation expects some 150,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors from over 40 countries. It will also award 25 Plasticon Awards to recognise innovation and growth in the Indian plastics industry. Proplast, the show’s finished goods section, will showcase the Indian processed plastics sector and facilitate its export potential.

“Due to social media and networking, everyone is aware of the venue for 2015, and they are extremely happy and positive about it. The new website of Plastindia is also helping with correct and updated information,” added Kadakia.

“Plastindia 2015 will be the host for the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) conference. The show will also serve as a platform for technology exchange with the European Cluster, especially on the “Green” element,” he said, adding that an MOU was signed with the European Cluster at the K exhibition.


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