Ineos and BP sign deal for acetate supply

UK-based Ineos has completed an agreement with BP for raw material supply for Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) plant at their joint operations at Saltend, Hull, in the UK.

The agreement secures the supply of acetic acid and services and participates in maintaining the competitiveness of the VAM plant worldwide.

The plant uses ethylene, obtained by pipeline from its steam crackers located in Grangemouth in Scotland, and acetic acid from BP-owned plants located on the site.

VAM, an intermediate chemical used in paints, adhesives, floor covering, paper coatings and acrylic fibres for clothing, among others, is supplied mainly into UK manufacturing firms and the European merchant market.

The Saltend Chemicals Park is the location of one of the largest VAM production unit in the world, with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes/year and full integration into its raw materials; and is the only plant of its kind in Europe.

Ineos acquired the plant from BP in 2008 and employing 50 staff across its activities at the site.


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