Macro forms new division to boost output

Extrusion systems manufacturer Macro Engineering & Technology has created a new division that will provide a range of consultation and service based products for processors who wish to improve their productivity and operations.

The Technology Division, which is to be headed by the Macro’s Technology Director, Dr. Felix Guberman, also houses the company’s R&D that will be providing technical expertise and resources for increasing operational performance for blown and cast extrusion systems and web handling machinery, The division also aims to broaden the company’s services lineup ( made available to any OEM machineries) that will include comprehensive system audits on any film or sheet extrusion system or winding operation, system retrofit, and troubleshooting.

The division will also be extending product and process development services, helping processors innovate products and processes on less capital outlay for improved productivity.

Meanwhile, Macro’s Development Centre in Canada will support the group’s R&D with its resources that include the mono/3-layer blown film line, a 5-layer double-bubble line and a monolayer cast film line equipped with interchangeable casting modules (roll vs. water quenching). It also has comprehensive simulation software that can be used to cut costs and save time to market for new film structures and improve die and feedscrew design and performance.

Macro specialises in producing systems for barrier films using Nylon, EVOH, and PVdC for food and medical applications. It has custom designed film and sheet extrusion systems and winders installed in Europe, Asia and the Americas for a variety of industrial applications.


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