Invista expands footprint

US chemical firm Invista’s Specialty Materials business expanded its footprint by 20% at the company’s 60,000 sq ft Applied Research Centre in Newark. The expansion provides the necessary space and resources to allow Invista to better collaborate with customers, develop new products and end-use applications, and further improve existing product offerings.

Invista’s Specialty Materials business was built by identifying applications and developing chemistries using co-products from nylon and polyester chains as raw material. The new area of the research centre will focus on three key business segments:

  • Dytek speciality intermediates: Added space will allow additional equipment necessary to develop new formulations. The amines provide the hardening elements for use in composite materials such as wind turbine blades, high durability coatings and epoxies.

  • Flexisolv solvent solutions: Expanded footprint will provide increased lab space to assist customers with application development and to promote innovation—such as adhesive and resin removers for applications including electronics and LCD displays.

  • C12 high-performance intermediates: Newly dedicated space will help with the advancement of supplying a full range of long chain molecules, which offer unique properties to numerous customer applications in automotive, medical, fragrances and construction.


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