BASF extends capacity for nylon

The production of BASF’s proprietary films product, Ultramid B (polyamide 6), has been increased to 21,000 tonnes/year at the company’s Ludwigshafen Verbund plant in Germany.

Hermann Althoff, head of the Polyamide and Intermediates global business unit at BASF explained that the capacity increase is in response to the growing demand for sophisticated polymer applications in the area of flexible film food packaging.

BASF supplies polyamide and polyamide intermediates for the film and monofilament industry, with the Ultramid product lines used in flexible food packaging and technical films as well as in the production of monofilaments such as industrial wires, fishing lines, tennis racket strings, weed trimmer lines and bristles.

Aside from the Germany site, BASF also has Utramid polymerisation facilities in Antwerp (Belgium), Freeport (US) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).


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