Chinese market for extrusion machinery driven by high efficiency and quality

Edgar Wang image

China’s demand for plastic processing machinery has grown rapidly over the recent decade, and has significantly contributed to the global demand, which is projected to grow 7% annually through 2017, according to a report from research company Freedonia.

Of the machine types, extrusion machinery is amongst the fastest to grow, especially amidst a “healthier sales climate” spurred by increasing fixed investment spending and plastic resin consumption growth.

“The Chinese market keeps growing. It has done so especially in the recent five years and growth has accelerated, “ said Edgar Wang, the new Sales Director of Davis-Standard Extrusion Systems for the China region, in a recent interview with PRA.

Davis-Standard, a recognized global leader in high-performance plastic and rubber extrusion and converting systems, has manufacturing and technical facilities in the US, as well as subsidiaries with facilities in China, Germany and the UK.

Wang, who has an extensive sales background, having served for five years as General Sales Manager in China (and several markets in Southeast Asia) for a German company before joining the US-headquartered Davis-Standard, is assuming a new role, primarily directing sales efforts for all extrusion platforms including pipe and profile, sheet, wire and cable, and elastomer systems. He will be based in Shanghai.

According to Wang, “The demands of extrusion equipment customers in China have also changed. Price and high efficiency have become a priority especially with the entry level and middle level customers.

Customers are increasingly being driven by product quality and brand, Wang added.

Under his helm, Wang will be building up Davis-Standard’s extrusion systems sales organization, establishing processes that further advance technical support within the China market and supporting the sales of products and solutions manufactured at Davis-Standard’s subsidiary’s facility in Suzhou.

“Chinese customers are looking for a reliable company that has a good brand image with good quality output, which Davis-Standard represents,” said Wang, adding, “What we offer at Davis-Standard is a total package, including engineering support, competitive price, efficiency and space-saving features, as well as a high return of investment, to cite just a few benefits. These features are what make our machines cost-effective.”

Wang went on to add further that Davis-Standard’s machinery ensures high output and speed. “For example, locally made machines for medical tubes would have an output of 50 m/minute. We are able to provide four times that output or 200 m/minute. At the same time, we ensure consistent accuracy, which translates to reduced waste and scraps (during processing), both of which can be quite expensive.”

In his post, Wang will oversee the Chinese market benefiting from Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage formula, which according to the Connecticut-headquartered firm represents capabilities that go beyond its extrusion technology and extruder processing equipment. These extend to its professional design engineers, laboratory personnel, training experts, commercial force, hands-on field engineers, and aftermarket parts and service specialists.


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