Vietnamese pipe maker to produce 2,000 mm-OD pipes

Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company based in Haiphong, Vietnam, will be the first pipe manufacturer in the country able to produce large PE pipes with external diameters of up to 2,000 mm. For this purpose, German machinery supplier battenfeld-cincinnati is commissioning a complete pipe extrusion line, which is to be delivered in 2015.

Tien Phong had in 2011 acquired a turnkey PE pipe extrusion line from battenfeld-cincinnati including a die with an innovative cooling system. This equipment proved satisfactory and it has selected a die with internal cooling again this time, says battenfeld-cincinnati.

State-owned company Tien Phong ranks among the leading Vietnamese producers of pipes and fittings made of u-PVC, HDPE and PP-R. “Our pipes are manufactured to international standards, which is why we pay special attention to the quality of our production lines. We are already operating several lines from battenfeld-cincinnati and are particularly pleased about the material and energy-saving operation of this equipment and its easy handling,” said Nguyen Quoc Truong, Tien Phong’s General Director.

The core components of the complete line ordered most recently for the production of pipes with dimensions ranging from 630 to 2,000 mm are a solEX single-screw extruder and a helix VSI-T+ pipe die. In addition, an EAC drying system has been installed. It uses heated air from the internal pipe cooling in the die to dry raw material, thus saving energy.

Extruders from the solEX series are particularly recommended for the production of HDPE and PP pipes, says battenfeld-cincinnati. With a processing length of 40D, the extruders are said to offer high throughput rates with optimal melt homogeneity and low melt temperatures. The AC motors built in as standard ensure low energy consumption.

In the line for Tien Phong, a solEX 120 is integrated, which manages an output of up to 2,200 kg/hour, with a low footprint.

Another contribution to minimising space requirements is made by the helix 2000 VSI-T+ pipe die, which operates with active intensive melt cooling in addition to an internal cooling system, and with the well-known two-step distribution concept consisting of a spiral mandrel distributor and a lattice basket, which allows for distribution, homogenisation and throughput with low pressure build-up.

The cooling system reduces sagging, which is of vital importance especially in the production of thickwall pipes. At the same time, the intensive cooling system permits a shorter line, which, in turn, reduces space requirements and makes the line cost-efficient.


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