Nanotechnology leaders merge to form PEN

US-based nanotechnology R&D firm Applied Nanotech Holdings (APNT) has received approval from shareholders for its combination with NanoHolding Inc, the parent company of Nanofilm, a private company dealing in speciality optical coatings, cleaners and nano-composite products. The combination will create a new public-lised company called PEN Inc.

"It's clear that APNT shareholders see the growth potential of the combination with Nanofilm," said Robert Ronstadt, chairman of the APNT board of directors. "The creation of PEN Inc. from the combination of our company, Applied Nanotech, and Nanofilm, is the beginning of a new era, with proven leadership and resources focused on extracting the maximum value of APNT's IP portfolio through commercial products."

Scott Rickert, the current CEO of Nanofilm who will be the CEO of PEN also said that Applied Nanotech, like Nanofilm, has intellectual property in nanotechnology.

Ohio-based Nanofilm develops nano-layer coatings, nano-based cleaners, and nano-composite products. Nanofilm's primary commercial products centre around its unique eyecare glass cleaning and de-fogging products; other products include precision mould release treatments, stay-clean surface treatments for ceramic insulators, and scuff-resistant treatments for commercial dinnerware.


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