DuPont sets up another tech centre in India

US-headquartered conglomerate DuPont has set up an application development centre, at the DuPont Knowledge Centre, in Hyderabad, India. It will focus on integrating advanced material science with other scientific disciplines for the automotive industry, enabling solutions for light-weighting, engine performance, comfort and safety. These capabilities also are relevant to other industries such as railways, electrical/electronic components, food processing, agriculture, irrigation, textile and many more, said the firm.

“This latest expansion at the DuPont Knowledge Centre reflects our strong commitment to deliver integrated science-powered solutions and innovations that meet market needs, in collaborations with our local customers and partners. This new facility is part of the global DuPont community of 10,000 scientists and engineers around the world, thus connecting our global science capability to local market needs. I am confident this will enhance our ability to serve customers in India and South Asia,” said Rajeev A. Vaidya, President – South Asia & ASEAN, DuPont.

The centre houses thermoplastic and elastomer processing and testing equipment and leverages existing analytic equipment shared with several DuPont science disciplines. It complements the manufacturing facilities in Savli, Gujarat, and the DuPont India Innovation Centre in Pune. It expands their capabilities to support predictive engineering, including computer-aided engineering (CAE), 3D surface computer-aided design (CAD), mould-flow, warpage, structural, impact and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) analysis.

“Taking full advantage of the lightweight nature of plastics requires more than just metal replacement,” said Homi Bhedwar, Technology Director, South Asia and ASEAN. “Engaging us early in the design stage helps take advantage of integrated science opportunities to reduce cost and complexity in many vehicle components. Our aim at the Application Development Centre is to work closely with customers visiting the Innovation Centre in Pune, network with DuPont technical experts globally, offer products and solutions tailored to local needs, and bring them to market faster.”

The DuPont Knowledge Centre is one of the four regional R&D centres of DuPont and undertakes research. In total, DuPont has more than 150 R&D facilities around the world.


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