Evonik sets up SAP lab

Germany-based chemicals firm Evonik has inaugurated a new application technology centre for superabsorbent polymers in Krefeld, Germany. The company invested EUR1 million. The new facility strengthens the position of Evonik for superabsorbent polymers. "Our customers will directly benefit from an even further improved technical service. The service capabilities of Evonik are the industry-wide benchmark and the basis for strong partnerships and development collaborations with our customers," says Norbert Westerholt, head of Evonik's Baby Care Business Line.

The new laboratory was designed for working and testing procedures and will serve hygiene as well as technical superabsorbent applications. The enlarged laboratory allows for the implementation of the new test methods, which will further strengthen product knowledge and target-oriented innovation efforts. It is equipped for the evaluation of superabsorbent polymers and hygiene articles, e.g. the new EDANA mannequin test for incontinence articles. For the first time, this test allows the application of realistic in-use conditions to the standardized lab evaluation of a broad variety of incontinence items. In addition, the new laboratory is open to customers for training and testing sessions.

"As a global leader in superabsorbent polymers, Evonik will continue to provide outstanding support and service to customers to facilitate their innovations," notes Westerholt.

Superabsorbent polymers are water-insoluble, cross-linked polymers. They are capable of absorbing and storing up to 500 times their own weight in aqueous liquids, while also providing other performance characteristics such as skin dryness. The scope of applications for Evonik's superabsorbent polymers reaches beyond baby diapers and also includes feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products as well as a broad range of technical areas. Evonik is a leading supplier of superabsorbent polymers with manufacturing plants in the US, Germany and Saudi Arabia, employing over 600 people worldwide.


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