Siapi claims highest speed with new blow moulder

Italian blow moulding machine maker Siapi says it is the first company in the world to beat the 28,000 bottles/hour mark for PET containers, produced by a two-stage linear blow moulder. It says that other rotary machine manufacturers (it named Sidel, KHS and Krones) rose up to the challenge some time ago with the production of 1.5 l PET bottles in 12,000 bottles/hour. But Siapi claims that it has been in the lead in the design and manufacture of machines for producing PET containers for over 22 years.

It now offers a new line of SDxx two-stage machines. The “xx” indicates the number of cavities, from 6 to 20, arranged on two parallel presses for a synchronised operation. A feature of this machine is the star-type loading system, which sorts the heated preforms going into the two presses. The machine is automated to run and control what it says are the simple machinery movements.

There are eight models in the two-stage linear blow moulders that can be used to produce containers of 9 l at a speed of 7,200 bottles/hour; 4 l at 10,600 bottles/hour; 3 l at 12,800 bottles/hour; 2l at 15,200 bottles/hour; 1 l at 22,800 bottles/hour and 0.5 l containers produced at over 28,600 bottles/hour. Necks can be processed up to 45 mm, with exceptions up to 55 mm for larger formats of 8 l and 9 l.

With this line, Siapi extends its range to 36 models.


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