Rajoo offers new flat drip irrigation plant for India’s agro industry

As the agriculture industry requires, Dripex, the new flat drip irrigation pipe technology from Rajoo Engineers Limited (Rajoo) is economical and provides value for money, according to the Rajkot-based blown film and sheet extrusion specialist.

According to Rajoo, these systems consume less material, are light weight; easy to ship, store and install thus benefitting agriculture and horticulture industries.

The processing industry comes with an immense need-for-speed – a critical evaluation parameter for every buyer. Rajoo is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated an operational speed of 150 meters/min at customer’s site, a distinct cut above the other available systems.

“We have 5 Round Drip Irrigation Extrusion Systems from four different suppliers but when it comes to Flat Drip Irrigation Extrusion System, which requires higher technological advancement and skill, we chose Rajoo. Our machine got into commercial production within just two days of its installation. This exemplary performance made us order another machine with Rajoo”, said Rameshbhai Khichadiya, Managing Director, Captain Polyplast Limited. Understanding the criticality of applications and to ensure no compromises in extrusion, Rajoo machines come equipped with world-renowned inserting assembly, automatic winder and hole punching unit from Mopline, Israel.

The drip irrigation extrusion system for the flat dripper comes with the servo driven dripper insertion device. The 3-axis mechanical adjustment system of vacuum tank with servo controlled lateral position allows quick precise positioning. The optimum pulling force and synchronized function of servo system prevents ovality in pipes. The drippers come with varied flow rates options and are fed by a centrifugal feeder onto a conveyor belt. A lightweight, mechanical and servo controlled backed up dancer assembly is provided to maintain tension of the pipe. The winder is furnished with automatic length counter and auto splicing push button and capable of taking max coil diameter of 750mm. Rajoo also provides a fully automatic coil wrapping machine for pipe packing.


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