Contitech expands to blow moulding with acquisitions

German automotive parts maker ContiTech has expanded its plastics expertise with the acquisition of two companies: Inotec Innovative Technologie in Kohren-Sahlis and Präzisionstechnik Geithain in Geithain. With some 80 employees, the two companies in the German state of Saxony have substantial expertise in the field of blow moulding technology. Both are long-time suppliers to ContiTech.

Inotec and PTG complement Continental's in-house machine and plant engineering team at ContiMachinery. The acquisition creates a new technology centre for the blow moulding business at Continental. It supports the company's plans for growth through innovation and international service in the blow moulding technology sector at all ContiTech locations. Jobs at the two new locations will be retained.

"The market for plastic charge-air hoses and clean-air hoses is experiencing rapid growth. By acquiring Inotec, we are securing knowledge about processes and tools that we previously sourced outside the company," says Joachim Geimer, head of the Air Induction Systems segment. "There are really very few good blow moulding manufacturers with such a broad offering that are capable of also mapping the entire downstream machining process. Inotec is one of them.” The entire production of blow moulding tools as well as product sampling is to be brought together in Kohren-Sahlis.

Founded in 1994, Inotec specialises in tool and special machine construction for blow moulding technology. The service also includes prototype construction and a sampling service. Founded in 2008, PTG is an Inotec supplier specialised in the production of components for special machines and blow moulding tools.


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