HUNTSMAN offers new TPU for wire and cable market

Huntsman Polyurethanes pioneers in offering a non-blooming, matt, polyester-based solution to the wire and cable market.

According to the company, its innovative new material IROGRAN A 85 C 5024 DP eliminates the risk of blooming – an undesirable effect that occurs when additives migrate to the surface of a material and become visible.

Although blooming does not affect the mechanical performance of cables, it is unsightly, The. IROGRAN A 85 C 5024 DP, a halogen-free, polyester-based TPU, can provide a consistent matt finish and stable extrusion qualities, said the firm, adding that the product is well suited to wire and cable applications such as jacketing, spiral and data cables.

Huntsman Polyurethanes’s TPU experts developed the new material following a strategic assessment of the market and discussions with customers about common manufacturing challenges. A number of customers have already trialled the product, which has passed third party RoHS and halogen free tests. Initially IROGRAN A 85 C 5024 DP is targeted for use in China but the company also expects interest elsewhere.


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