Wittman Battenfeld to debut IMIW internal welding process

Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer, Wittman Battenfeld is introducing a new technology, which makes it possible to insert-mould parts with a gas-and waterproof protective layer.

This process is of special interest for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which is not only increasingly used in the automotive sector, but is also becoming common in medical applications, transport, the electrical industry and other branches of industry.

The advantage of RFID is its ability to transmit an extremely large volume of information within a minimum of time and without direct contact.

All RFID components must be protected from mechanical damage, moisture, heat and other detrimental effects. Therefore these parts are embedded for their protection.

There are a number of different methods to connect two halves of a housing or two half shells, such as bonding, welding, clamping or bolting, to name just a few.

With the innovative In-Mould Internal Welding (IMIW) process, it has now become possible for the first time to establish the connection directly between the contact surfaces, which means right where it is actually needed. In this case, the previously injection-moulded halves are joined together by injection- molding the connection between the contact surfaces with the same plastic material from the inside. Through the IMIW-process , it is now possible to create a gas- and waterproof connection between the two halves and thus ensures optimal protection for the sensitive electronic components.

Special advantages of this new process are that the moulded parts come out without any ridges or welding beads, so that downstream finishing can be dispensed with, that they are joined together by a gas- and waterproof connection in the same production process, and that the joint is extremely robust.

This process is also suitable for other applications where two parts are to be connected with each other and the above-mentioned advantages are desirable.

The IMIW process will debut in EcoPower 110 during Wittman Battenfeld’s Competence Days in Kottingbrunn on 24 and 25 April, 2013.


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