Sasol embroiled in PP dumping fray in Brazil

South Africa-based petrochemical firm and polymer producer Sasol has figured in a trade investigation after Brazil began two trade probes against South Africa (SA), South Korea (SK) and India over claims of polypropylene (PP) resin dumping.

Along with the dumping allegation, Brazil is also investigating SA, SK and India exporters of PP resin to benefit through several government incentive programmes, at the expense of Brazilian producers.

Sasol is currently studying the specifics of the case, especially since most of the legal documents are in Portuguese. Both complaints against South African exports were brought by Brazil's Braskem, South America's largest petrochemical company.

The first investigation faulted SA, SK and India on the alleged dumping; the second investigation, alleged that India and SA have subsidised the domestic manufacturing, production or export of PP resin to Brazil. The latter, if verified, will entitle Brazil to impose countervailing duties.


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