Chinese compounder Chuanghe adds on ten Coperion extruders

Chinese compounder Chuanghe adds on ten Coperion extruders

Chinese compounder Chuanghe New Material Technology Jiangsu Co has selected German extruder maker Coperion’s extrusion systems for the expansion of its production capacity. The Chinese specialist in engineering plastics contracted with Coperion for ten STS Mc11 and ZSK Mc18 twin-screw extruders. Most of these machines are already successfully in operation at the Chuanghe site in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Chuanghe manufactures plastics for the automotive, household and electronics industries, including various glass fibre-reinforced engineering plastics as well as biodegradable plastics and even carbon-neutral produced plastics. The ten new compounding machines procured from plant specialist Coperion, headquartered in Germany, fulfill the demands that manufacturing such plastics places on production technology.

Chuanghe is expanding its production with several compounding machines from Coperion for both small batch production as well as large quantity manufacturing. For this reason, Chuanghe has invested in six Coperion STS Mc11 twin screw extruders of various sizes – from the STS 25 Mc11 laboratory extruder with a 25 mm screw diameter to the STS 75 Mc11 with a diameter of 75 mm.

Moreover, Chuanghe has acquired four high-performance extruders from the Coperion ZSK series – two ZSK 58 Mc18 models with 58 mm screw diameter for PA throughputs of up to 800 kg/hour as well as two ZSK 70 Mc18 with 70 mm screw diameter for PA throughputs up to 1,600 kg/hour – specifically for large-batch manufacturing of demanding engineering plastics.

These four ZSK Mc18 extruders stand out for their especially high specific torque of 18 Nm/cm³. Due to the material’s short residence time in the extruder, these machines operate gently, achieving consistently high product quality. They are each equipped with ZS-B side feeders so that Chuanghe can exercise tremendous flexibility in compounding its plastics using various additives. All volatile components released from the plastic during production are securely degassed from the process using ZS-EG side degassing units – yet another indicator of reliable, first-class product quality.

This expansion of its machinery optimally positions Chuanghe for future market demands. Thanks to constant process parameters across the entire model series, Coperion extruders allow for secure scale-up from one extruder size to another, which in this case gives Chuanghe complete flexibly to utilise its machinery to full capacity. Moreover, Coperion extruders’ modular design and numerous quick change features provide the flexibility necessary to implement quick recipe changes. At the same time, Coperion extruders possess the necessary prerequisites to be able to master future tasks in plastics compounding.


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