Waste solids to plastic and paper materials

Israel company Applied Cleantech has developed a technology that will convert municipal sewage wastes into raw materials for use in the plastics and paper industries.

The technology is applied through a compact, automatic and efficient facility that recycles raw sewage solids into high quality, clean and environmentally friendly raw materials through a continuous process called SRS (Sewage Recycling System).

"The revolution is in regarding these solids not as waste that must be hidden, consumed by bacteria, or buried, but as a resource and base for raw materials that is sold back to the industry, “ said Dr Refael Aharon, CEO and founder of Applied Cleantech.

Summing up the benefits this technology brings, apart from reproducing raw materials, the new plants reduce regional sewage purification plant loads by about 35%, thus operate with reduced energy consumption and lowered costs in their water cleaning process in favour of reuse. Too, the sewage recycling provides three major benefits, such as reduction of regular operational costs by approximately 30% while gaining raised capacity; manufacturing and selling high quality consumer goods by utilising sewage materials; and reduction of greenhouse gases, thus preventing environmental hazards. Applying this system will allow turning purification facilities into a true asset - a source of income and environmental contribution.

The company's development was intended to provide a solution for issues in sewage care. Currently, a certain percentage of solid municipal wastes is cleared through garbage systems to landfills, and some is cleared through the sewage system through sewage purification facilities. The raw sewage that reaches the sewage purification facilities contains suspended solids, soluble solids, minerals, oils, and toxic compounds. Speaking in environmental terms, sludge is currently considered one of the major issues that need to be solved.

The technology is currently being utilised in a few cities around the world, and in advanced negotiation phases with municipalities and investors in Europe and the United States.


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