Front Cover Story: The plastics industry at your fingertips

M-HUB is the first mobile app that helps promote your business and find all players in the plastics industry with the tap of a finger.

The plastics industry at your fingertips

Launched at the K2019 show in Düsseldorf, Germany, M-HUB was developed as an easy-to-use business tool to break barriers within the plastics industry and help plastics professionals to take a step towards a digital future.

Explore the world of plastics

By creating a free personal account, you will join the first business network including all players in the industry, ranging from the early stage of the supply chain to the very end customers. You will be able to search for any company that fits your specific needs with just a few taps on your mobile.

There are two main ways to explore M-HUB’s network: the free text search on the top where you can simply type what you need and the dedicated advanced search for companies, products and machines.

Within the advanced search for companies and products you will be able to use a wide range of filters, from country and geolocation to core business, field of application and expertise. The advanced machine search also adds a few technical filters as well as the availability and price of the machinery you are looking for.

The plastics industry at your fingertips

From the list of results, you will be able to review in detail the companies, products or machines which may fit your needs.

Once you find suitable matches, you can easily chat with them directly on M-HUB. A map view is also available to help you understand where your new potential partners or customers are located and focus on the ones more valuable for you.

You can also explore our “Featured Companies”, “Featured Products” and “Featured Machines”, which are showcased on the home page of M-HUB.

Make your company stand out

The plastics supply chain is a highly complex, diversified sector that comprises hundreds of thousands of companies and employs millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the possibility of creating a company profile for free, M-HUB helps businesses stand out across the entire plastics world.

The app allows even smaller companies and entrepreneurs to gain visibility worldwide and maximise their business opportunities.

Creating a company profile in M-HUB is as easy as it gets: after specifying a few basic contact details, such as the address and contact email of your company, you will be able to specify your business information:

  • Core Business: pick up to three core businesses for your company. Embracing all sectors in the plastics industry, we make sure you can find yours.

  • Field of Application: all plastics applications are covered on M-HUB. You will be able to select the most important markets for your company, ranging from automotive to domestic appliances, electronics, etc.

  • Expertise: this is the last step of the company creation that will allow you to specify in detail your strengths and technologies. You will be able to choose from a list of 500+ expertise services and even add on your own!

    The list is constantly growing thanks to the contribution of our users. Once you set up your company profile your business will be available for all the matching searches!

The company page can be further enhanced by adding your logo, a background picture, your products, and other documents and certificates: the more data you add, the higher the company will be displayed in search results.

The company page can be further enhanced by adding your logo, a background picture, your products, and other documents and certificates: the more data you add, the higher the company will be displayed in search results.

Should you need assistance to fill in this data, you can even invite your colleagues from the “Members” tab of the company by simply adding their emails. If they do not have an account yet, they will have to register before accepting the invitation. If they already have an account, they can simply accept the invitation via email or in the notification centre.

M-HUB leverages mobile technologies to keep you up to date with the latest companies and products joining the network. Within the notification centre, you will receive weekly notifications on the latest additions to our global network.

If you want to push the visibility of your business and maximise your brand awareness, you can pay a small fee to be featured in the “Featured Companies” list on the homepage of M-HUB.

Promote your products on the global stage

Each company can add an unlimited number of products and services to showcase their capabilities to their potential customers on the global stage.

With a few taps, it is possible to add up to three pictures for each product, specify the related expertise and field of application and add a dedicated description.

Your product will be searchable by all users in the community! You can use this feature to also showcase your most important case studies.

Each product you add will be shown in the weekly product notification, so everyone will be aware of the updates to your portfolio. Keep adding them on a regular basis!

For a small fee you can add one of your products to the “Featured Products” on the homepage and boost its visibility across the world.



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