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Company News

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    Huntsman acquires 20% stake in Nippon Aqua
    US chemicals firm Huntsman has acquired a 20% stake in Japanese firm Nippon Aqua, spray polyurethane (PU) foam insulation company. Nippon Aqua is a subsidiary of
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Materials News

  • Asia to fuel demand for VAM
    Asia Pacific economies, solar power investments and the shale gas boom are all working together to fuel the vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) market, states a new report by GBI Research. VAM is a raw material used in
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Machinery News

  • Maag develops screen changer filters for Middle East plant
    Maag has created tailor-made filtration units in close co-operation with Uhde Inventa-Fischer for an expansion project at a major facility in the Middle East. With a total additional  Read More»

PRA March-April 2013


New technology at Chinaplas:
Davis-Standard plans to showcase the new dsX™ flex-pack extrusion coating line for flexible packaging

  • Different strokes to hit growth targets in Asia
    Looking at China, India and the ASEAN bloc, each has succeeded in weathering challenges in varying levels through the strategies employed. But which strategy calls the shots?  Read More»

  • Rediscovering LSRs in home healthcare medical devices
    Emerging infectious diseases and the rising number of lifestyle diseases are pushing the shortage of hospital beds to critical levels. Several initiatives have been undertaken  Read More»

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