Expansions: Sasa Polyester to use Honeywell tech for PDH unit in Turkey; Satellite Chemical to construct US$3.6 bn alpha olefins project

Sasa Polyester to use Honeywell tech for PDH unit in Turkey

Sasa Polyester Sanayi has selected US firm Honeywell’s Oleflex technology to build what is said to be the world’s largest propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit in Yumurtalık, Turkey. On completion, the facility is expected to produce 1-million-tonnes/year of propylene, with integrated petchems complex featuring PTA, PET and POY plants.

Honeywell’s UOP Oleflex process is used to produce light olefins through the catalytic dehydrogenation of light paraffin and provides users with an on-purpose source of polymer grade propylene and/or isobutylene. The Honeywell UOP Oleflex technology is a low-energy consumption, lower-emission technology that utilises a catalyst with recyclable platinum with lower environmental impacts relative to comparable alternatives.

The project will take place between 2023 and 2026 and includes the construction of a 1-million-tonne capacity PDH production facility and liquid and container port construction.

“Sasa is the first and largest polyester and polymer manufacturer of Türkiye, with a sustainable growth perspective, Sasa aims to make Türkiye one of the top three polyester manufacturers in the world and to become one of the leading players on a global scale, this vision is now a reality with the help of Honeywell’s Oleflex technology,” said İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Erdemoğlu Holding, Sasa’s majority shareholder. “This is Sasa’s first technology award for our new crude oil to chemicals development and this project will allow us to develop ourselves continuously as we maintain the spirit of innovation.”

“Our Oleflex technology enables investors like Sasa to participate in the growing propylene market by producing propylene at low cash cost of production utilising Honeywell UOP’s proprietary highly active, stable, and environmentally friendly catalyst,” said Bryan Glover, President, Honeywell UOP.

Satellite Chemical to construct US$3.6 bn alpha olefins project

Meanwhile in other news, Chinese polymers producer Satellite Chemical is investing US$3.6 billion to construct an industrial park for alpha olefins, for use in synthetic lubricants, motor oils and other products. The planned facility at Lianyungang, eastern Jiangsu province, will include five alpha-olefin units, each with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes/year and a light olefins facility with capacity for 2.5 million tonnes/year.

Once fully completed, it should have an annual output value of US$6.7 billion, said the manufacturer of acrylic acid which is also one of China’s few producers with a complete industrial chain in acrylates, polymer emulsions and functional polymer materials.

The investment is consistent with the company’s strategies and development plans, it said. Satellite Chemical will inject funds into the project in phases and also raise financing, so it will not have an adverse impact on the firm’s financial status and operating results.

Satellite Chemical’s new ethylene acrylic acid factory that it is building with South Korea’s SK Geo Centric broke ground recently in June in Lianyungang’s Xu Wei new district.

The first phase, with a value of US$229 million, will have a output of 40,000 tonnes/year of ethylene acrylic acid for use in packaging. Covering 7.2 ha, the plant is expected to start operations in 2025.

The second and final phase will focus on emerging products such as recycled and green chemicals.


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