List of exhibitors

Number Exhibitor Name
1 Apex International
2 BBC Co., Ltd.
3 K. R. Filament Co., Ltd.
4 Supreme Filatech
5 Anhui Huidatong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
6 Anhui Brush Chamber of Commerce
7 Borghi
8 Boucherie Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
9 Changzhou Kuangyue Machinery Co., Ltd.
10 Changzhou Xiangyang Tools Co., Ltd.
11 Changzhou New Liaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
12 Chongqing Global Bristles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
13 Cixi Jingcheng Mold Co., Ltd.
14 Dongguan Datang Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.
15 Dongguan Guosheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
16 Dongguan Huoli Brush Hair Co., Ltd.
17 Dongguan Xinsheng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.
18 Dongguan Yalan Packaging Material Products Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.
19 Foshan Chaosheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
20 Fujian Xinjinyu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
21 Guangdong Chuangyan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
22 JUSOU Nylon Technology Co., Ltd.
23 Guangdong Lisu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
24 Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd.
25 Guangzhou Pinchuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
26 Guangzhou Hangda Textile Co., Ltd.
27 Guangzhou Nansha Mingwang Synthetic Fiber Factory
28 Guangzhou Nanfang Plastic Co., Ltd.
29 Guangzhou TaiBo Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
30 Guangzhou Yuanhui Brush-Making Co., Ltd.
31 Guangzhou Tianying Metal Products Co., Ltd.
32 Henan Yongsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
33 Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush Co., Ltd.
34 Jiangsu Dongxing Bristle Brush Co., Ltd.
35 Jiangsu Taibo Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd.
36 Jiangyin Zaiyu Metal Material Co., Ltd.
37 Jingxiang Bristle Industrial Co., Ltd.
38 Lichuan Hongli Bristle Co., Ltd.
39 Linyi Xinda Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.
40 Longhai Senmao Plastic Co., Ltd.
41 Nanyue Huanlei Filament Industry Co., Ltd.
42 Nantong Haosen Metal Products Co., Ltd.
43 Ningbo Crystal Fiber New Material Co., Ltd.
44 Ningbo Yizhou Junhang Trading Co., Ltd.
45 Ningbo Yinzhou Wengujie Machinery Factory
46 Putian Qiangyong Brush Co., Ltd.
47 Prism Intelligent Equipment (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
48 Qingdao Byricher Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
49 Qingdao Jiayijie Commodity Co., Ltd.
50 Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery Co., Ltd.
51 Shantou Xuguang Technology Co., Ltd.
53 Shanghai Wendu Trading Co., Ltd.
54 Shenzhen Donggang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
55 Shenzhen Firmfaith Science Technology Co., Ltd.
56 Shenzhen Kangde Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd.
57 Shenzhen Yonghongda Technology Co., Ltd.
58 Shenzhen Tide Filaments Co., Ltd.
59 Sichuan Chuanhu Bristle Co., Ltd.
60 Suzhou Shengguang Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.
61 Suzhou Yuxuan Industrial Brush Co., Ltd.
62 Taizhou Vastsky Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
63 Taizhou Hongyue Machinery Co., Ltd.
64 Taizhou Huangyan Zhongxin Plastic Co., Ltd.
65 Alljoy Taicang Industry Co., Ltd.
66 Taixing Xuezhong Bristles & Brushes Co., Ltd.
67 Tianjin Tianxin Metal Products Co., Ltd.
68 Tianchang Sanhe Rayon Co., Ltd.
69 Tongcheng Baima Flannelette Co., Ltd.
70 Tongcheng Jinzhu Plastic Products Factory
71 Tongcheng Yunda Plastic Co., Ltd.
72 Tongxiong Hongye Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
73 Wenzhou Anchuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
74 Wenzhou Danan Electric Co., Ltd.
75 Wuxi Xingda Nylon Co., Ltd.
76 Wujiang J&D I/E Co., Ltd.
77 Xinyang Zhongxing Bristle Brush Co., Ltd.
78 Xingtai Fuyi Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
79 Yangzhou Baotian Mould Co., Ltd.
80 ChangeHow Brush Equipment Inc.
81 Yangzhou Hande Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
82 Yangzhou Jierun Precision Brush Making Equipment Co., Ltd.
83 Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co., Ltd.
84 Yangzhou Longze New Material Co., Ltd.
85 Yangzhou Haixing CNC Brush Machine Co., Ltd.
86 Yangzhou Jiangdu Shenglong Plastic Products Factory
87 Yangzhou Mingtu Brush Equipment Co., Ltd.
88 Yangzhou Mingxing Brush Machine Co., Ltd.
89 Yangzhou Tongtu Precision Brush Making Equipment Co., Ltd.
90 Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-products Co., Ltd.
91 Yangzhou Changcheng Bristle Brush Factory
92 Yongkang Jujian Brush Making Co., Ltd.
93 Zhejiang Huilong Trade Co., Ltd.
94 Zhenjiang Jiajian Painting Tool Co., Ltd.
95 China (Yuantan) International Brush Industry Exhibition
96 China Sundry Articles Industry Association
97 Brush Trade
* The above list is sorted in alphabetical order, updated on May 30


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©2023 Plastics and Rubber Asia. All rights reserved.

©2023 Plastics and Rubber Asia. All rights reserved.

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