Thermoforming machinery maker OMV acquired by MalStra

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Verona, Italy-based thermoforming and extrusion machinery company OMV Machinery, a division of Swiss-based Wifag/Polytype Holding, has been purchased by Florida-based MalStra LLC. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The new company name will be OMV Technologies LLC and will be headquartered in Florida. OMV’s manufacturing operations will continue to operate out of Verona, and all current personnel will be retained. Founded in 1963, OMV’s wide range of machinery configurations includes ‘cut in place’ technology and inline rim rolling of round and square containers. OMV’s machines are used to produce rigid food packaging from traditional resins including PP, PS, and PET.

Plans include continuing to build machines and tooling in Italy, and beefing up operations in Italy and the US. OMV will be opening an extrusion thermoforming lab, a product development lab, and a training facility in Florida. In addition, all US-based parts and service will be relocated from Polytype America’s current location in New Jersey to Florida.

Plastics packaging industry veterans Mark Strachan and Brooke Maltun are the owners of MalStra and will lead the new OMV. Strachan, who will serve as the CEO of OMV Technologies, has almost 40 years of experience in sheet extrusion, roll fed thermoforming and extrusion inline thermoforming. He is a former 2-term Chairman of the Board of the SPE Thermoforming Division. Maltun is currently the VP of Sales for Los Angeles-based Star Plastic Design, Inc. She will serve as President of OMV Technologies.

“Mark and I have spent our careers in plastic packaging, and we share a passion for the business,” said Maltun. “We look forward to introducing ground-breaking innovations, hands on in-field service, and outstanding customer service to the industry, globally.”

Strachan said that OMV’s high precision engineering capabilities results in “very high production efficiencies and closed looped manufacturing capabilities”.

He added, “These are the most efficient and reliable thermoforming machines in the industry. OMV is one of the few companies who offer turnkey inline extrusion thermoforming systems with an emphasis on efficiency and closed-loop operation. They are also a world leader in ‘cut in place’ technology and inline rim rolling of round and square containers, which is critical with the drive towards more sustainable materials.”

Maltun said that interviews are underway and the company will be hiring personnel, bringing immediate boots on the ground in the USA. “Our headquarters is in Florida, with an office in Los Angeles, and we will be hiring additional sales and service personnel very soon,” she said.


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