Re-branding: Total Corbion transitions to TotalEnergies Corbion; Wittmann to drop Battenfeld branding

Green materials firm Total Corbion PLA will transition to TotalEnergies Corbion, launching a new company name and logo over the coming months. TotalEnergies Corbion is a 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corbion.

The name change follows the recent rebranding of TotalEnergies earlier this year, anchoring its strategic transformation into a broad energy company.

TotalEnergies Corbion expects to launch its updated brand identity in a phased approach from this January. Earlier, TotalEnergies Corbion celebrated the cumulative production volume milestone of 100 kilotonnes of Luminy PLA at its production plant in Thailand. The company has also entered the engineering stage for a second facility in Grandpuits (France), in response to the growing PLA market demand.

Luminy PLA resins from TotalEnergies Corbion are biobased and made from annually renewable resources, offering a reduced carbon footprint versus many traditional plastics. At the end of its useful life, PLA products can be mechanically or chemically recycled.

The biodegradable and compostable functionalities of PLA make it the material of choice for a wide range of markets and applications including fresh fruit packaging, food service ware, durable consumer goods, toys and 3D printing. TotalEnergies Corbion recently announced the launch of Luminy rPLA, said to be the world’s first commercially available chemically recycled bioplastics product.

Wittmann to drop Battenfeld branding

Meanwhile in other news, Austrian maker of injection moulding machine, robotics and auxiliaries Wittmann Group, which had adopted the Battenfeld name following the acquisition of the company in 2008 and subsequent combination of the Wittmann and Battenfeld brands, is now dropping the Battenfeld name.

Wittmann Group has decided to use the Wittmann logo for all of its advertising and product lines. The company said the change to its external appearance will begin in January and will be completed by the K show in October 2022. Wittmann said there will be no changes in the organisation of the companies within the Wittmann Group.

Under the previous branding, Wittmann was used for auxiliary and robotics products, while Wittmann Battenfeld referred to injection moulding machines and injection moulding processes.

The Wittmann Group says this move highlights the significance of the injection moulding machine for the future development of the company. Shifting to just Wittmann will also emphasise the company’s “one-stop-shop” capability with a uniform brand designation and colour scheme for the entire product range.


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