Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

Interfoam China, which will be held on June 14 – 16 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) will focus on latest production technology and equipment; new techniques, trends, and application in foam industry; and provide a professional platform integrating technologies, trade, brand display, and academic exchanges for its upstream and downstream, as well as vertical application industries, thus promoting industrial sustainability. The exhibition is organised by HJT Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association.

Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

Polymer foams, an emerging star in new materials, provide polymers with brand-new outstanding performance through different foaming techniques. They play a crucial role in a variety of vertical applications fields due to their unique properties such as lightweight, vibration-damping, noise reduction, heat preservation and insulation, and filtering.

Interfoam China will feature various categories including polymer foam materials, semi-finished products, and technical components; metal foam materials, semi-finished products, and technical components; inorganic foam materials, semi-finished products and technical components; foaming raw materials; foaming agent (physical foaming agent, chemical foaming agent), and auxiliary; foaming equipment, cutting equipment, supporting equipment, testing equipment, etc.; recycling technology and recycling equipment; environment-friendly equipment; adhesives, tapes, films; and universities, research institutes, associations, media, and more.

Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

Visitors to the show include enterprises involved with foam production and processing; foam vertical applications: automobile, rail transportation, aerospace, packaging, sports and leisure, furniture, household products, safety and protection, medicine and health, electronic devices, construction materials, HVAC, electrical appliances, cold chain & logistics, industry, energy, shipping, daily necessities, communication facility, office equipment, military supplies, etc.; as well as professional associations, research institutes, media, service organizations, and more.

Interfoam exhibition highlights

Interfoam, Asia's international and professional show for the entire foam industrial chain, offers a feast of opportunities for experts in the sector from across the world:

Focus on foam market and gather industrial elites - Interfoam is a gathering of elites from the entire foam industrial chain, including R&D professionals, investors, general managers, executives from top firms and universities, and experts from numerous specific sectors. Interfoam builds the ideal stage for practitioners to widen their horizons, explore commercial prospects and network; and join in the effort for carbon emission reduction, dual circulation, and high-quality development.

Explore market opportunities and promote cooperation - With its exhibitions and conferences, Interfoam provides industry practitioners with the most recent foaming techniques, applications, and solutions, and development trends, as well as enables them to explore commercial prospects, and connect with possible partners.

Display company brand and make an impression - Exhibiting at Interfoam will not only increase your brand exposure and impact, but will also encourage the foam industry and allied firms to think ahead and innovate. Interfoam expands global awareness on China's foam sector and connected firms' tremendous development potential and brand value.

“TOP Buyer” plan and efficient resource matching - To address the rising ordering demands in the foam business, Interfoam developed the "TOP Buyer" plan, which aims to create the most precise and simple communication bridge between exhibitors and buyers. With this strategy, you will be able to communicate with desired exhibitors face to face in a timely manner. Meanwhile, you will experience a variety of high-end services tailored to particularly invited consumers, as well as foam materials and technological innovation solutions that will satisfy your requirements in no time. This plan is the perfect option for you if you need to select items quickly, make new connections, explore new markets, and promote your company and brand image.

"Redefine Foams" – the 2nd Foams and Applications International Forum ( “重新定义发泡材料”第二届发泡材料及应用国际高峰论坛)

Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

China, as the hub of the Asian foam market entering a golden period, holds a critical strategic position. Interfoam, as one of the world's top professional exhibitions for the foam sector, has the objective of creating new values for many application fields by exploring more foaming technologies and solutions in collaboration with exceptional firms, specialists, and research organisations.

Interfoam China 2023 to focus on new trends and opportunities in the foam industry

On the theme of "Redefine Foams," this forum, which will be take place on June 12-13 at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, will explore the novel applications and development of foams from the perspectives of sustainable development, academic research, technical innovation, and vertical applications. Six themed sub-forums (with report presentations and roundtable discussions) covering 70 topics will be held both online and offline at the same time. The forum will feature an Expert Talk (report presentation) and a discussion on the innovation and development of foaming technologies. The six sub-forums include: sustainable development design & innovation; applications of foams in new energy vehicles and possible solutions; applications of foams in green buildings and possible solutions; applications of foams in green packaging and possible solutions; contributions of foams to the development of China's high-end manufacturing; contributions of foams to the innovative and sustainable development of sports and
leisure industry.

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