TPEs as strong link in telecommunications equipment

TPEs as strong link in telecommunications equipment

Modern communication devices have revolutionised how people connect and interact with one another, may it be in their personal space or at the workplace. App-equipped handheld devices, radio frequency identification-enabled products, Internet-of-things systems, smart TVs and newer technologies have superseded transistor radios, mechanical TVs, trim-line phones and telegraphs. But even then, the first-generation communication devices relied on plastics materials for their durability, design flexibility, and resistance to heat and chemical changes.

In the current times, modern devices require a lot more than these properties as aesthetics; capabilities and functionalities have become more sophisticated. Moreover, regulations for materials have been put in place for safety issues.

Kraiburg TPE, a global thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) manufacturer of a wide range of TPE products and custom solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality and custom-engineered compounds for telecommunication devices and accessories applications. The TPE compounds have superior properties, which meet the advanced criteria needed in the design, safety, durability and sustainability elements in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment.

Quality designs with adhesion properties
Kraiburg TPE’s materials possess excellent properties, including having improved adhesion to polymers such as PP, PC, PBT, POM, ABS, ASA/SAN, PMMA, PA and other plastics.

Besides, TPEs are able to be processed in multi-component injection molding which provide design flexibility that could enhance the performance of parts especially on sealings, flexible connectors and other applications.

The soft-touch features are a further benefit making them ideal for applications in the design elements of handheld devices such as walkie-talkies, routers, cables, device casings, and more.

Durability, an important factor
Kraiburg TPE’s compounds have excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, making them ideal for use in casings, handles, switches, buttons, cables, and other accessories for device chargers and portable broadband equipment.

The compounds are resistant to skin oil, sebum and sunscreens, making them suitable for applications like earpieces, microphones and headsets. Likewise, selected compounds exhibit chemical resistance to aqueous substances and detergents.

For outdoor and semi-outdoor applications, such as cables and casings, Kraiburg TPE’s materials, which have UV and weathering resistance, are able to withstand various weather conditions.

Safety with flame retardancy
Kraiburg TPE provides flame-retardant TPEs that fulfill the safety requirements in accordance to the UL94 V0 standards, which recommend that materials must be self-extinguishing in case of fire and do not form burning droplets.

Kraiburg TPE’s flame-retardant series compounds are halogen-free and conform with the IEC 61249-2-21 standard. The flame-retardant compounds have excellent adhesion to PP, making them suitable for overmoulding in parts and accessories and for use in seals and cable grommets.(Press Release)


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