DuPont’s China R&D centre qualified for flammability tests


DuPont Performance Materials’ Shanghai-based China R&D centre has earned the distinction of becoming the first laboratory in China to be qualified for conducting flammability tests for plastic materials under the UL-94 and CSA C22.2 no. 0.17 test standards without the requirement for UL LLC personnel to be present.

Since June this year, the centre has been qualified to carry out UL-94 and CSA C-22.2 no. 0.17 Vertical Flame Evaluation tests to obtain UL94 V-2/V-1/V-0 flame ratings certification under UL’s Client Test Data Program (CTDP), representing a step forward from the Witnessed Test Data Program (WTDP).

This development has positive implications in terms of reducing the time needed for our products to be certified for safety compliance globally and launched in the market,” notes Woong Chung, Asia Pacific Technology Manager of DuPont Performance Materials.

Previously, in 2014, it was qualified under CTDP to undertake evaluation of Long Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) properties in accordance with the UL746B standard for Relative Thermal Index (RTI).

“This additional certification for flame ratings is a vote of confidence in our technical capabilities and the integrity of our staff,” adds Woong Chung.

CTDP is a Data Acceptance Program (DAP) of UL enabling the organization to accept test data generated externally by its customers in their own test facilities to support UL product certification. Among all of UL’s DAPs, CTDP certification for LTTA is generally considered to have the strictest technical requirements for test laboratories and it usually takes the longest time to complete assessment of laboratory operations and correlation tests. CRDC is the first UL-authorised CTDP laboratory for both LTTA and UL94 flammability in the Greater China region.

“UL94 Vertical Flame Rating and UL746B RTI evaluation are the two key safety standards required by our Electrical and Electronics customers for material selection. Hence this capability provides key technical support for our material development and deployment in the Electrical and Electronics industry. UL testing requirements are considered to be the most stringent in the world and UL certification in China now gives our customers in all regions of the world confidence that DuPont’s global network is in full compliance with these standards.” says Woong Chung.


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