Kraiburg to secure stronger foothold in Chinese Market


Many brands are now going global by penetrating into the fast expanding Chinese market. This also includes Kraiburg TPE, the global TPE competence leader and one of the biggest considerations when moving into the Chinese market is the language barrier. This means having to carefully consider what Chinese name to give to our already established brand names that are new to China.

China opened her doors to the world and Kraiburg TPE foresaw the opportunity to establish a foothold in this rapidly expanding market. As a key rubber and plastics end user in virtually all industries, specifically automotive, consumer, consumer electronics, medical and industry sectors – Kraiburg TPE had to adopt a totally new marketing approach for the Chinese market. This also includes rebranding its already established compound brand names outside China with Chinese characters to connect with its Chinese customers.

With this understanding, Kraiburg TPE has extensively researched and developed a branding model that incorporates Chinese branding elements to appeal to the vast Chinese market, developing Chinese brand names that are relatable to Chinese values and culture. The following illustrates the Chinese branding elements and its associated values.

As can be seen above, Kraiburg TPE becomes 凯柏胶宝 in Mandarin. The last character “băo” or 宝 in Mandarin, when translated to English; literally means “treasure”. Thus, the Chinese brand names imply that Kraiburg TPE offers a wide scope of “treasures”, from customised compounds, superior quality, excellent service and more. These further enhance and position dedication, reliability, and trust in the customers’ psyche. It is envisioned that Kraiburg TPE’s international appeal with local feel will help the company secure a stronger foothold in the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

The company has also registered its Kraiburg TPE 凯柏胶宝, COPEC 科柔宝 and For Tec E 尼塑宝® trademark in Chinese. Our Chinese trademarks are now IP (Intellectual Property) protected in China, and Kraiburg TPE will be using the official registered trademarks of 凯柏胶宝, 尼塑宝 and 科柔宝 globally with immediate effect.


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