Kenu creates high performance car mount solutions with Kraiburg’s Thermolast K


The application of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) components for the in-car accessory industry is a fast growing trend. TPEs are the preferred choice of materials for such accessories because they provide important properties like durability, design flexibility, and resiliency to create a high performance product. Such products include the Kenu Airframe and Airframe+, the world’s bestselling car mount for smartphones and phablets

With many car mount solutions on the market there was a void in small, portable solutions. San Francisco-based Kenu wanted to solve this problem by creating a better and more streamlined product. They accomplished that goal with Airframe and Airframe+. These two products are sleek and compact, making it easy for drivers to safely keep their smartphone at eye level, ready for GPS directions, streaming music and hands free calls. Airframe and Airframe+ have an expandable grip to securely hold your device in place, with a rotating clip on the back to mount onto most car vents. Their durable yet soft and comfortable surfaces are pleasant to the touch, while the low profiles of the products also contribute to the overall appearance of the car.

For Kenu, which designs and engineers versatile products that complete the consumer’s smartphone experience, choosing the right TPE compound supplier was of paramount importance. Kraiburg TPE was the perfect partner to meet Kenu’s production needs because the company offered:

  • Global quality standard TPE compounds
  • Global production sites and sales network
  • In-depth market knowledge, technical expertise and years of experience in the production and processing of TPE compounds.
  • Custom-engineered compounds that fit applications perfectly with unlimited product design possibilities.
  • Superb service levels when the need arises.

The choice was obvious: Krauburg TPE with its high quality Thermolast K compounds exhibiting good flow and mechanical properties. KraiburgTPE recommended and customised the Thermolast K compounds because of the characteristics of Airframe and Airframe+ must be lightweight, portable, offering excellent grip, tough with enhanced haptics so that the over-moulded grips will keep the car’s air vents free from scratches. Kenu’s extensive market research has shown that consumers place high priority on ease of use, portability, versatility and compact form factor in a convenient, minimal design.

Ken Minn, CEO and Founder of Kenu says that Kraiburg TPE’s innovative TPE compounds not only bonds well, but is also visually appealing and feels great to the touch. He also rated Kraiburg TPE product quality to be above the competition and also added that they have been working with Kraiburg TPE for nearly a decade now and complimented on the company’s service, support and reliability- during design and in production.


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