A bevy of blow moulding machines at this year’s K show

Austrian Mould & Matic
  • Austrian Mould & Matic, a part of Kiefel, will introduce its updated Blowliner injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) machine. All the machine movements of the stretch/blow moulding station are actuated by a servo-electric system. The firm says it cooperated “with a renowned partner” for the best injection moulding technology, reportedly Austria’s machine maker Engel. It can produce 10-30 million 0.5-l containers/year.

  • Engel itself will show injection blow moulding (IBM) boasting higher speeds using a standard all electric injection machine (E-motion 740/220) and an eight-cavity cube mould by Foboha of Germany. To shorten cycle time, preforms are blown in the opposite mould, parallel to injection moulding. An easix six-axis robot removes the finished parts and places these onto the conveyor belt with the opening facing upwards, without any increase in cycle time. An insulating cover in the blowing stations prevents the preforms from cooling off. Engel says this concept could be scaled up to 96 cavities without compromising cycle time or accuracy and is beyond the range of conventional IBM, adding that process consistency can be achieved with its self-regulating iQ weight control and iQ clamp control software. Mould temperature control will be provided by six Engel e-flomo water manifold units, each having four automatic flow control circuits.

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