On the loop with recycling solutions at K2016

  • Under the banner of Careperformance, Austria’s Erema will unveil its recycling 4.0 initiative at the K2016 show. Building on the high level of automation of its Interema recycling technology, introduced at K2013, the company has developed what it calls a smart factory package for recyclers and producers. Careperformance will be shown live in action at an outdoor 480-sq m Recycling Centre, with an Intarema TVEplus 1108 integrated with Laserfilter, Erema’s-smart-factory which will be recycling some of the plastic waste from the K show on site. The machine, quality and process data will be transferred in real time to Erema’s booth in Hall 9, Stand C05. The closed product loop, from production to reuse, will likewise be presented in live demonstrations. And lastly, the Recycling Centre will feature an exhibition of products made with recycled material. It will open at 11 am on 19 October in the outdoor area (FG 09.1).

  • Careperformance consists of four components, with the Intarema system forming the basis of the smart factory application. In addition to the previous machine data, specially integrated sensors, the QualityOn package, can be used to record and evaluate MVR (Melt Volume Flow Rate) and colour. The QualityOn enables recyclers and producers to achieve consistency in the recyclates, in accordance with special requirements of customers, and document these recipes using online data acquisition and analysis. Recipes, thus, can be compared with each other and modified. In order to make use of the data in a user-friendly way, Erema has developed a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) known as re360. It keeps track of the productivity of an entire range of machinery in five modules, works independently of the plant manufacturer, and customers can integrate not only different systems but also their global production locations. It also gives an overview of the capacities/stoppage times of the systems for management, documents key quality data of the recyclates for the location manager and informs the operator about upcoming maintenance jobs.

  • Furthermore, re360 is linked to the Spare Parts Online, Erema's online webshop. Any upcoming maintenance work and the replacement of individual parts are displayed by re360 and spare parts can be ordered directly. The customers' respective Erema systems and previous orders are stored at Spare Parts Online. At the last K2013, Erema launched the Intarema system, based on Counter Current technology. It is said to provide process stability while maintaining flexibility with easy operation and less energy consumption. This stability enables automation processes such as Smart Start or the Recipe Management System, which in turn form the basis for Industry 4.0 applications. Since its launch in 2013, more than 450 Intarema systems have been sold worldwide.

  • Italian manufacturer of recycling lines Gamma Meccanica has sold lines in the Turkish and Japanese markets. In Turkey, Gamma Meccanica supplied a GM125 Compac for recycling of PP and PE waste. It comprises a Compac feed with cutter-compactor, single-screw extruder with degassing, screenchanger and pelletiser. The Compac cutter compactor is controlled by the Ecotronic system to provide significant energy savings. Water is no longer used to control temperature. It also affords the possibility of recycling materials with high moisture content. An important feature is the presence of the feeding screw that allows for a steady controlled flow of material into the extruder, which has a degassing station with two ports to facilitate the escape of gases produced during the melting of the material. Gamma-Meccanica’s New extruder screw designs have been incorporated to increase the production outputs of the machines while the barrel is heated by optimum heaters for this type of application. The exterior casing has improved insulation with ceramic fibre to prevent heat loss and ensure increased energy efficiency. Compac’s feeding screw was fundamental in the customer’s choice, says Gamma Meccanica. “Comparing the laboratory tests on the quality of the granules produced and the hourly production of major Italian and qualified foreign manufacturers of recycling plants, the Gamma Meccanica line ensured the best quality recycled granules and especially a higher hourly production. The line produces about 10% more than competitors' lines of the same size,” says the firm.

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