MTI Mischtechnik unveils advanced mixing technology minus downtime


The new C tec PRO is a fully automatic container mixer system launched by Detmold,Germany-based MTI Mischtechnik. The new machine imposes no idle time for cleaning in the event of a recipe switch, according to its maker. For each new batch, C tec PRO changes the relevant container along with its lid carrying the pre-fitted mixing tool. This makes for a virtually continuous operation and hence, a significant increase in the number of batches completed. Moreover, the container size and mixing tool configuration are adaptable to individual requirements and can be optimised for the production volume of each given batch. The high level of automation ensures that the potential time savings are actually realised in real-life industrial operation, irrespective of the number of batches handled. All mixing processes are performed without manual production steps.

By way of preparation, weighing is performed in accordance with the given recipe and the container is placed in a central pick-up station from where the first vessel in line is then removed by the MTI C tec PRO. From this moment on, the unit executes the specific mixing process fully automatically, ultimately returning the container to a delivery point upon completion of the program. Key to this workflow, apart from the custom optimised KUKA industrial robot, is the new container lid with an integrated mixer shaft capable of accommodating diverse mixing tool configurations. The result is a fully closed system in which the mixing takes place either with the aid of a mixing tool individually predefined for the given batch or without any tooling if so preselected for the recipe.

Christian Honemeyer, MTI's, Managing Director said, " The new C tec PRO blends in smoothly with the world of Industry 4.0, given that the number of degrees of freedom in the process management permits features such as, an automated adjustment to changing raw material properties.“ He adds that the new batch mixer provides a clean work environment, supports a clear reduction in staff and thus contributes to a further improvement in the cost structure of the production line.

In addition, MTI also treads new paths in financing for the C tec PRO. Instead of the one-time cost of acquisition, the company charges monthly system and service costs to the operators of the new batch mixers as part of a full-service plan.


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