Reifenhäuser PET thermoforming sheet lines for rPET films


Following the big success of machinery maker Reifenhäuser’s high-performance extrusion lines for PET thermoforming sheets launched in 2013, with the patented mechatronic polishing stacks of the Mirex-MT-V design series, the next generation of this line type was presented this year.

As in the past, the heart of these lines is the tried-and-tested synchronous REItruder twin-screw extruders, which are now in their third generation. In combination with dry-running high-performance vacuum pumps that work with an operating pressure of 5 mbar, and the degassing units on the REItruder that have continuously been optimised through the years, the systems meet the FDA requirements (N.O.L for Recycled Plastics #209) for films that are made of 100% recycled PET and are in direct contact with food. All required declarations confirming the line technology's compliance with EFSA requirements are provided; the user is responsible for applying for the appropriate EFSA approval.

Depending on the customer's requirements, various different co-extrusion feedblocks are available from Reifenhäuser EDS, the youngest member of the Reifenhäuser Group.

Since customers have frequently expressed their desire for simple (quasi “plug and play”) production, feedblocks are now available both for fixed layer geometries and for the tried-and-tested and highly flexible REIcofeed 2.1 systems that can be configured during operation. Additionally, completely modernised dies are available in the wide product portfolio of Reifenhäuser EDS. For example, the producer can choose between internal deckling for maximum flexibility in the film width, or a lip gap that can be configured during operation for fast thickness changes, as well as between manual or automatic operation with thermal expansion bolts.

After 5 years of successful worldwide use, the MIREX-MT-V high-performance polishing stack has also been modernised. Depending on the system capacity, it has three/four polishing rolls. Additionally, an axis crossing for the first roll is available optionally, for the production of thin films with large widths.

The entire line has been prepared for the implementation of Industry 4.0 functions that are being developed group-wide by Reifenhäuser Digital. Thanks to the modular concept, the customers can decide individually which functions benefit their business activities and which are not needed (for the time being).

The tailor-made solutions for individual needs are part of the portfolio of Reifenhäuser CSC, from “as simple as possible” to convenient fully automated solutions, says the firm.


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