Covid-19: Rajoo unveil’s India’s first integrated mask line

Covid-19: Rajoo unveil’s India’s first integrated mask line

To address the crucial need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), various machinery makers around the world have either been making PPEs or building machinery for this. One such example comes from Indian machinery maker Rajoo Engineers that has utilised its decade-old experience in making spunbond non-woven fabric extrusion machinery to build a melt-blown fabric making extrusion machine.

Claiming to be to the first company in India to do so, the Rajkot-based machine maker says it has completed its “fabric side of the solution”.

It adds that the challenges faced by the engineering team were compounded by the global lockdown and lockdown in India.

Against this backdrop, Rajoo built a fully automatic N95 mask making machine capable of producing 1 mask every 2 seconds (i.e. 1,800 masks/hour). The automation ensures that these masks are hygienic and produced with minimum wastage as well as minimal human intervention, says the blown film and sheet extrusion line machine maker.

Covid-19: Rajoo unveil’s India’s first integrated mask line

Rajoo offers either the entire fabric-to-mask solution or just the mask making machine, depending on the needs of the processor. The non-woven fabric (Fabrex) to mask making lines (Mascon) from Rajoo offer solutions for creating N95 masks that comply with regulatory needs, it adds.

Also, available are machines for three-ply masks, with the first batch of orders already under execution.

Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Executive Director, Rajoo Engineers, highlighted, “We are in a position to service the industry needs globally. Here, I also wish to acknowledge the stupendous efforts put by Rajoo’s team working efficiently even in this trying situation.”

Since the dynamic nature of healthcare demands present different opportunities to the processing industry at different times, these solutions from Rajoo can be easily adapted to address the changing demands. The machines can produce either surgical gowns, drapes and wraps, sponges, dressings and wipes; or bed linen and gowns - for contamination control and examination.

The products produced from these machines also find uses in sectors such as personal care and hygiene, home furnishing, agriculture, geotextiles, automotive, filtration, stationery, etc.


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