KRAIBURG TPE sprints ahead in Chinaplas 2019 with breakthrough innovations

KRAIBURG TPE sprints ahead in Chinaplas 2019 with breakthrough innovations

China has successfully transformed itself as a producer of run of the mill products to a global factory manufacturer of competitively priced quality products. That said, being cheap no longer sells as consumers are becoming increasingly quality-aware of the products that they use.

TPE maker KRAIBURG TPE says it is well aware that quality, as well as product applications, efficiency and safety are important prerequisites in the global market.

At the recent Chinaplas, held from 21 to 24 May at CIEC, Pazhou, Guangzhou, KRAIBURG TPE showcased an array of innovative solutions, including its breakthroughs and latest automotive low odour emissions TPE materials.

“The new TPE series is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to automotive designers and manufacturers, and elevate automotive manufacturing standards, “said Roland Ritter, KRAIBURG TPE Director, Asia Pacific.

Also at the show, KRAIBURG TPE, which also has a sales office in Shanghai, introduced its specific food-safe TPE compounds that adhere to the China GuoBiao (GB) standards, which represent the country’s aim to ensure safety of the products entering its borders, including intermediate materials, chemical substances, and finished products.

KRAIBURG TPE, as a global TPE manufacturer, and which serves as an intermediate materials manufacturer in the supply chain, adheres to the GB standards for food regulations, including the GB4806:2016, when sourcing for upstream material from suppliers, and during the processing stage.

Additionally, KRAIBURG TPE also meets global standards for food regulations such as the EU Directive 10/2011, the EN71/3 European safety standard for toys, as well as the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, during the compound development stage of the new TPE series for food product applications.

“Manufacturers are aggressively searching for suppliers with the technology to make positive impact on environment protection, energy saving, while maintaining or increasing production yield, but without incurring any additional cost,” Ritter commented.

Meanwhile, the company is looking ahead to more development goals, preceded by the positive reception of the market to its latest innovations that include the thermoplastic elastomers hybrids (TEH), compounds that are suited for thermoplastic processing and offer heat and chemical resistance; low odour & emission products; and the lightweight TPEs, which are suited for a range of applications in the automotive as well as in a variety of industries.

KRAIBURG TPE’s lightweight TPEs offer increased mobility with significant weight savings. “The lightweight TPEs have unbelievable potential for use in a range of applications from automotive to powertools,” Ritter said, adding that the importance of weight savings, even at 20% can go a long way, and would ultimately translate to long-term cost-savings.


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