KRAIBURG TPE compounds for active lifestyle fashion and sportswear

KRAIBURG TPE compounds for active lifestyle fashion and sportswear

Kraiburg TPE offers the Copec series for apparel applications. The compound series’ properties impart comfort, quality, and value to fashionable wear and accessories applications.

Fashionable and easy-care clothing and accessories made with comfortable and soft materials are in high demand. Clearly, consumers are placing emphasis on simplicity, comfort and convenience in their choice of apparel. In line with this trend, fashion brands seek solutions to satisfy the need for functional fabrics. Further, these solutions must enable a brand to stand out from its competitors while retaining its quality and value. 

Soft and comfort in ensemble 
Kraiburg TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality and custom-engineered TPE compounds that deliver the desired properties for use in apparels. The Copec series renders a pleasant finish for a velvety and silky surface and exhibits resistance against cleaning agents, sebum, and skin oils 

Suited for an array of applications 
The Copec series provides the advantages of good thermal stability, and demonstrates excellent adhesion to polar thermoplastic like PC, ABS and various polymer blends. Possible applications include work & safety clothing, footwear and gloves, owing to its pleasant surface and water resistance as well as high performance seal; shoe laces; strap retainers, bra strap holders, shoe insoles, shoe midsoles like torsion bar and blade as well as heel counters; footwear cushions, outsole plates for cleated footwear, brand logo, and more.

Bespoke solution for colours 
Colour optimisation and customisation that are consistent to global quality are hallmarks of Kraiburg TPE compounds solutions.  The Copec series is no exception. It has varied colour options to deliver vibrant and true to colour requirements for the fashion industry seeking bespoke products for discerning consumers in the active lifestyle fashion market.


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