UBE expands Ann Arbor assembly facility

UBE expands Ann Arbor assembly facility

UBE Machinery Inc (UMI) expands its assembly facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.UMI has been working to expand its product lineup and increase sales since the launch of U-MHI Platech Co, Ltd in January 2017.

The expansion of the assembly facility in Ann Arbor will double the annual capacity for assembling mid-large size injection moulding machines, including our Two Platen Servo Hydraulic, Servo Hydraulic Toggle, and All Electric machines. The expansion project will commence in January 2018 with a scheduled completion of September 2018. This expansion will meet the demand for mid-large size hydraulic servo injection moulding machines with a small footprint that are used to manufacture a broad range of parts primarily for US-based companies.

UMI has been assembling and installing machinery up to 3300 tonnes in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1996.

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