An upside to packaging technology for SR Technopack with Aquarex

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To meet the region’s growing appetite for packaging, South Korean packaging maker SR Technopack is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the industry with high-quality films, mainly for the food and medical sectors. With a focus on R&D, the company is employing the latest Aquarex watercooled blown film line, an extrusion process that extrudes upside down, to meet challenging requirements in the bag infusion sector.


The Asia Pacific region, with its sizeable consumer base of 4.5 billion, is a fast growing market for the packaging sector. Among the top Asian countries vying for a large market share in the packaging sector is South Korea, especially since efforts to push “green” practices are prioritised by way of national policy.

According to a 2016 report by Euromonitor on South Korea’s packaging industry, the Ministry of Environment has enforced a number of pro-green environment initiatives that also cover packaging for food, medical, beauty and personal care products, and home care products. Strict compliances to packaging regulations have been in check, too.

Meeting this demand for packaging is South Korea’s SR Technopack. Established in 1992, the Chungnam-headquartered firm was acquired by Samryoong Co in 2012. Later, it revised its name to SR Technopack. Hong Ro Cho is President/CEO as well as owner of SR Technopack.

It offers an array of plastic packaging for food and beverage, and medical products. Its plant in Cheon-an city manufactures sheets, trays, cups, and medical packaging.

“We not only produce, we also design, assemble and support commercial packaging and develop advanced systems and technology to meet customers’ needs,” said Anna Song, Manager for Overseas Marketing, adding that the firm employs 190 people.

Not stinging on the latest technology

With the stringent demands placed on today’s packaging solutions, making it necessary to continue to adopt the latest raw materials and production methods, SR Technopack has in its stable 30 machines made up of rigid sheet extruders, thermoformers and injection moulding machines.

It is also in the process of installing Aquarex water-cooled blown film lines from German machine maker Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H).

The Aquarex water-cooled blown film extrusion concept allows films to be manufactured with properties that clearly differ from those obtained by blown and cast film extrusion, says W&H.


Aquarex is a modular blown film extrusion line with water cooling and extremely fast cooling to keep the crystallinity of the film low, giving it an exceptionally amorphous structure.

“The highly amorphous microstructure significantly improves weldability and sealability. It also results in a soft, elastic film characterised by high clarity and gloss and exceptional puncture/tear resistance as well as dart-drop-value. The low tendency to curl is also a clear advantage when asymmetric multi-layer composites are processed further,” explains Marcos Dehm Neves, Area Sales Manager for W&H.

The machines will be paired with W&H’s Filmatic N, a modular surface/centre/gap winder with optional automation levels.

“It was developed for perfect roll quality, even for films that are difficult to process. A weight-compensated and highly accurate lay-on roll ensures perfect roll edges during gap winding from the moment the new roll is started,” explains Neves.

When asked why SR Technopack decided to invest in the machinery, Anna replied, “It was due to the extensive know-how of W&H and especially considering the specific references that W&H has in water-cooled blown film lines and innovation. For example, the new Aquacage developed by W&H is the first water calibrator for blown film extrusion lines allowing continuous adjustment of film width without needing to stop the extrusion line for an exchange of calibrator. This technology will be a focus for the next investment of SR Technopack.”

As for W&H, its advantages are its comprehensive offering from a single source: from expert advice and engineering to the delivery of high quality machines, said Neves.

“Furthermore, W&H is able to provide solutions in extrusion, printing, and converting, and we see this cooperation definitely on route to a long-term partnership,” said Neves, adding that W&H has equipment and systems currently in operation in more than 130 countries and at more than 5,000 customer plants.

Non PVC-based bags

In the medical sector, SR Technopack specialises in the manufacture of IV solution film for non-PVC fluid bags.

Traditionally, infusion bags have been made from PVC but processors expect PP film to replace PVC, which is a naturally hard, brittle form of plastic that has to be mixed with phthalates to make it soft and pliable. Such softeners used with PVC are meeting with criticism in the industry.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, PVC is associated with health risks, with some countries, including China, having banned PVC infusion bags altogether. Thus, PP film infusion bags are a welcomed alternative.

“Our IV solution film is a well-known product in this field globally, as well as proven under international certified levels. Not only are we a main key player in this sector in South Korea, but we have also been supplying to reputable companies globally since 2000,” said Song.

Infusion bags are just one of a number of interesting products within the flexible packaging industry for which films made on the Aquarex line are suited. Neves says that with the Aquarex, amorphous, waterquenched films are no longer a niche product for special applications, “rather they enhance product presentation, which in turn can impact sales.”

The “crystal clear” film looks more like window glass than film, in which some degree of opacity would be expected. This clarity, achieved from the shock cooling of the melt, is especially important for the production of infusion bags.

Packaging outlook remains strong

While the outlook of the packaging industry remains promising, Song agrees that growth is not without its challenges, such as increasing raw material costs that are influenced by crude oil prices.

“But we are ready to meet any challenges. With the increase of single-person households, economic participation of women and preference of convenience food, the prospect of the food packaging industry will be favourable,” said Song.

The company has also received a US$10 million award for its exports last year.


“By installing new machines from W&H, we are confident of becoming a major leading global company in the packaging industry, especially in the medical film field. We plan to penetrate not only the China market but Middle East, Europe and South Asia,” adds Song.

The company intends to push its efforts through R&D. “Our team is focusing on developing medical and packaging for bio industries in order to expand the business. Our ultimate objective is to become a total packaging solution company that is able to handle the entire gamut of packaging,” said Song.

SR Technopack is on its way to achieving its goals as with the simultaneous installation of Aquarex water-cooled blown film lines, it not only is capable of producing quality film but will also be able to improve its productivity.


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