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Quick changeover from new IBC


S-based Addex, a global supplier of blown film equipment, has introduced an internal bubble cooling (IBC) system said to deliver the fastest reaction time in the industry.

The Digital Internal Bubble Cooling (DIBC) is a five-sensor system that features a high-speed, servo-controlled air regulation valve that performs split-second corrections in bubble size (up to 20 adjustments per second). Processors have reportedly switched from a 40-in layflat to a 60-in layflat in seconds instead of the minutes, claims the company.

Addex also reports that at least one film processor has reduced annual waste by just over 60,000 lb of material, which equates to a 1.5 RMS (Raw Material Savings = annual percentage of raw material saved).

Patented split sensors enable the air flow intake and exhaust to react to the slightest changes in bubble size at or below the frost line where the bubble size is not yet final. A set of two non-contact ultrasonic sensors are aimed at the bubble below the frost line where size changes, particularly with low melt-strength resins like metallocenes and LLDPEs. This allows an immediate correction by the intake/exhaust blowers via the AC inverter-controlled blowers. For the more critical layflats, this is done via the high-speed servo reaction control valve.

A second set of two ultrasonic sensors are aimed at the bubble above the frost line where bubble size is stable to calibrate the lower sensors to ensure the size is kept constant. The DIBC system includes a fifth ultrasonic sensor that is aimed at a fixed target in order to calibrate the other four sensors whose readings can be altered due to changes in air temperature.

The digital circuit system also eliminates errors caused by interference due to electrical devices like corona treaters or ultrasonic sensor driftings. With this, the DIBC continues to function if one, two, or three of the four ultrasonic sensors fail. However, in split-level set-ups, one sensor must function at each level.

The DIBC system is versatile because it can be used with 100% blower speed control (recommended for trimmed films) and with the air valve control for the tightest possible layflat control. Features include a limited number of buttons and switches along with operator alerts that indicate an off-centre or "breathing" bubble.

The DIBC system can be integrated into any Addex or non-Addex complete line control system.

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