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Top Glove expanding its capacity to achieve goal of 30% global share by 2015

MALAYSIA-based Top Glove, a leading maker and supplier of rubber gloves is expanding its capacity through creating a total of 22 glove factories across the country to achieve its goal of partaking 30% of the global market share.

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Auxiliary and automation equipment company Azo is enjoying a healthy growth of its Mixomat mixer in Asia

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Husky launches next generation HyCAP system

INJECTION moulding machine specialist Husky Injection Molding Systems has officially launched its next generation HyCAP system for high output beverage closure manufacturing, which was earlier this year shown at NPE exhibition in Florida.

The firm says its HyCAP system has experienced widespread acceptance and adds on to its beverage closures portfolio, providing another option to customers in this market.

Husky’s launch of the HyCAP system marks the first product to take advantage of the addition of closure mouldmaker KTW.

This relationship has made Husky the industry’s only provider of complete injection moulding solutions for beverage closure manufacturing, including machine, mould, hot runner, temperature controller, as well as process and productivity monitoring software.

Unlike other suppliers, Husky says it is able to take responsibility for the entire system to provide complete melt stream control and reduce variability in the injection moulding process, resulting in increased productivity, reduced waste and improved part quality.

Changes have also been made to the HyCAP hot runner, including modified insulation technology and heating requirements, to reduce energy consumption.

By supplying a complete integrated solution, Husky says it has been able to streamline how each discrete component works together to deliver industry-leading cycle times.

The HyCAP system also features a new mould design that improves the productivity of the overall operation, said to improve uptime by eliminating unnecessary stoppages and allows for quick and easy maintenance.

The mould also incorporates specific features to provide easy set-up and mould longevity while eliminating the need for sensors to monitor specific components. (PRA)