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Pertstorp completes jv with PTT

Speciality chemicals company Perstorp has finalised the set up of the joint venture with Thailand-based chemical producer PTT Global Chemical for the manufacturing and sales of products for the PU industry. PTT Global Chemical holds 51% and Perstorp 49% of the new joint venture named Vencorex Holding.

The joint venture, dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of aromatic (TDI) and aliphatic (IPDI, HDI & derivates) isocyanates, includes the former Perstorp Business Group Coating Additives with its manufacturing sites at Pont-de-Claix in France and Freeport in the US.

At locations where Vencorex does not have its own sales staff, Perstorp’s existing sales organisation will continue to sell and market Vencorex products and solutions to its customers, through a joint decision.