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MRB to host International Rubber Technology and Economics Congress in KL

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New machines in large series

Austrian machine maker Engel has introduced the v-duo (vertical) for composites processing and e-duo (electric) machines in its large series range.

When inserting reinforcing elements such as organic sheets and tapes – and in the case of in-situ polymerisation and the high-pressure RTM process – a vertical clamping unit is most suited to increase efficiency, says the firm of its v-duo. The vertical version also features a compact design with low height and weight. Low machine height ensures easy access to the handling and maintenance area while the low weight cuts investment costs as existing facilities can be used, says Engel. Sidestepping the conventional hydraulic accumulator and opting for an energy-saving ecodrive as standard allows for further efficiency, according to the firm. The v-duo is initially available for sale in five clamping force ranges (400, 700, 1,100, 1,700 and 2,300 tonnes).

The e-duo, meanwhile, that brings the advantages of electric drive technology to the large-scale machine class, is available in five clamping force ranges between 500 and 700 tonnes.