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Rubber industry on a fast track

THROUGH upstream R&D activities, Malaysiaís rubber industry will continue to expand its production with a target of reaching an output of 2 million tonnes of natural rubber and contributing RM52.9 billion to the countryís coffers by 2020. The introduction of an automatic rubber tapping system, roll out of mobile service applications and rubber yield programmes are all expected to help upgrade the sector, said Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) Director-General Datuk Dr Salmiah Ahmad, in an interview with PRA recently.

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Auxiliary and automation equipment company Azo is enjoying a healthy growth of its Mixomat mixer in Asia

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Netstalís hybrid machine for thinwall parts

Swiss injection moulding machine maker Netstal has expanded its product range with the Elion 3200 and will be unveiling the new hybrid machine at Fakuma.

The Elion 3200 will be shown as part of a complete system for manufacturing thinwall lids for cream cheese packaging, utilising moulds and automation from MŁller Fabriques des Moules from Conthey (Switzerland).

Using a 4+4-cavity stack mould, the PP injection-moulded part will be produced in an overall cycle time of less than 3.5 seconds. The fully automated system places the labels, extracts the finished parts and stacks them, thereby achieving a maximum output of 8,230 units/hour. The firm says the energy-saving potential of hybrid technology is fully exploited using its Eco-Powerunit drive. In comparison to conventional, hydraulically-driven toggle lever machines, the ELION hybrid reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

Netstal first launched its Elion in 2003 with clamping forces of 50-175 tonnes. 2010 saw the range of clamping forces expanded to include the 220 and 280-tonne models.